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Improve Cybersecurity with Continuous Monitoring

Cybersecurity has now superseded terrorism as our country’s #1 threat. Can continuous monitoring save the […]

Utah Getting Act Together on Healthcare IT Security

Healthcare IT security has been a sensitive subject for the past 12 months in Utah’s health care community with two major healthcare security […]

The Future of EHR Security: Good and Bad News

The future of Electronic Health Records (EHR) security will be impacted by the findings of several studies conducted in the past year. From what I can tell, these studies bring with them both good and bad […]

There is an “I” in Security

There has been a lot of discussion in the news lately about cybersecurity threats and big company security breaches. These cases are really scary and should result in consequences for the people involved, but a lot of security comes down to personal responsibility. There is an “I” in security.

I need to make sure I password […]

For 2012—Security is On the Mind

Increased security seems to be on the mind of everyone this year. The President made promises to increase Cybersecurity in his State of the Union Address. President Obama’s budget calls for the strengthening of government cybersecurity while reducing overall information technology spending by more than a half-billion dollars. The document provides a roadmap to the […]