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Are Government Agencies Drowning in Data?

Recently Federal Computer Week featured an article entitled: Why agencies are drowning in data. The article was based on a recent survey by Semantic Corporation on effective big data strategies. The survey found that that the main reasons for agencies feeling overwhelmed were data governance and data security. I think, however, they were asking the […]

3 Things I’ve Learned Since Joining the Private Sector

Many of my friends and colleagues are still “on the inside,” as in working for the Federal Government as civilian employees. I took the plunge 18 months ago; I retired and went to work in the private sector. This blog post is for my friends and colleagues who may be thinking about doing the same […]

Let’s Get the B2G Conversation Started — Part 2

It’s hard to imagine that there would be any reluctance to explore the possibilities for a project or product with others who have direct knowledge and expertise and yet, getting that conversation started seems to be the hardest part of doing business with the Government. […]

Government Acquisition Players Benefit from eCommerce

No matter whose perspective you use, eCommerce is a good idea for government acquisition. Unfortunately it is a much underutilized tool in the government acquisition tool box. Why do you think the federal government has been slow in utilizing this technology that has been around for almost 20 […]

B2B VS B2G: How eCommerce Can Save the Government Money

Business to Business (B2B) markets have impacted the business community for a number of years now. Their positive impact on the economy is evident in several […]

Why Open Source Software is Good for the Government: Part 4 – What Next?

Even with the many benefits of open source software (OSS), misconceptions of open source software persists. One of the hurdles seems to be that the government acquisition community is not as familiar with the variety of products and services as they could […]

Why Open Source Software is Good for the Government: Part 3 – OSS Adoption

Since the 2009 OSD memorandum supporting open source software, DOD has been making strides in the use of open source software, but there is a long way to […]

Why Open Source Software is Good for the Government: Part 2 – Cost Savings

Money can be saved in almost any IT application being developed, which is perhaps the most compelling reason that government should consider open source software for all […]

Why Open Source Software is Good for the Government: Part 1 – An Introduction to OSS

Open Source Keyhole

In these days of tight budgets, the government has to look at every possible area to achieve cost savings. Using more open source software in government IT systems is a good way to start. […]

Contract Types for Software Development

Having spent 33+ years in Federal Government service in both Contracting and Information Technology and now as an IT contractor, I’ve been pondering the current situation in contracting for IT services, especially software development. I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re in a real pickle!

Rule #1 of contract type selection is to place as much […]